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Timeless men's hairstyles create a classic look

Some men are still holding on to the healthy locks of their youth, while others have much less hair than the women in their lives. The hairstyle a man chooses can say a lot about his personality and the image he hopes to project.

Many men prefer to stay on top of the latest trends, including trends in men's hair. But some men prefer to look back on photos and not cringe over dated styles. Such men might benefit from any of the following timeless hairstyles, many of which are easy to maintain.

* Side sweep: Classic, timeless and debonair, the side-swept look is the epitome of sophistication. Guys who like to leave the length on the crown longer than the back and sides need only follow a few steps to achieve a Cary Grant-inspired look. Make a deep side part on one side of the head, right at the arch of your eyebrow. Comb the hair over and slick the hair down on the sides. Wet hair, a comb and some hair spray are the only tools necessary to achieve this look.

* Quiff: A style popularized by 1950s heartthrobs (think Elvis Presley or James Dean), some stars of today also sport quiffs, including James Franco and Conan O'Brien. The style is characterized by longer hair in the front that is combed up and back to create a puff over the brow. The sides are slicked back to achieve that perfect "greaser" look.

* Shag: Once popular in the 1970s, the shag has been worn by stars such as Johnny Depp and Owen Wilson. It's best to work with a seasoned stylist to give you a good base cut and then you can either wash-and-go for a natural look, or use styling wax to give your hair a more styled effect.

* Buzz: One of the easiest styles to maintain, a buzz cut is hair that is sheared off very close to the scalp, leaving only peach fuzz behind. Ideal for the low-maintenance guy, the buzz does not require much washing, styling or daily effort. Some guys prefer a slight variation on the buzz cut, leaving the hair slightly longer above the brows in order to spike it up with some gel.

* Natural: Somewhat similar to the side sweep, but not so severe, a natural side part is timeless and easy. Hair is medium to short all over, and the hair is just slightly parted to the side, following the natural fall of the hairline. Afterward, the style may be kept in place with just a little hairspray.

* Crome dome: Many men are embracing the bald look and actually prefer shaving off all their hair. Gentleman who may be thinning up top or are starting to bald may shave it all off for uniformity. However, there are plenty of guys with full heads' of hair that also opt to shave it for a sleek look. Ben Kingsley, Andre Agassi, Chris Daughtry, Michael Chiklis, Michael Jordan, and Bruce Willis are all stars who sport bald looks with confidence.