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Men can enjoy spa treatments, too

Spas have long been a luxury associated with women. Though women still take advantage of all the services spas have to offer, they're increasingly being joined by men when they do.

Men who once shied away from spa treatments are now embracing them as a luxurious way to unwind and improve their appearance. Just like they do for their female customers, spas offer men a variety of services.

* Facial: Facials are among the most popular spa services for men and women alike. A facial for men exfoliates the skin and provides a deep cleanse to reinvigorate skin that might need a boost. A male facial can reduce unsightly and often uncomfortable shaving bumps while producing a far smoother shave the next time, when you won't have to contend with bumps from a previous shave.

* Eyebrow treatment: Many men do not tend to their eyebrows, creating a bushy batch of hair above each eye. Untrimmed or poorly trimmed eyebrows are unsightly, but many spas will wax or tweeze a man's eyebrows so they appear trim and not bushy or unkempt.

* Manicure: Much like many men do not tend to their eyebrows, just as many, if not more, men ignore their hands. But spas offer manicures for men who want to clean up their hands so they don't appear so gruff at their next business meeting. Manicures may once have been considered solely for women, but nowadays more and more men have embraced manicures not only for their aesthetic benefits, but also for how good a manicure feels.

* Pedicure: Men can also enjoy, and many greatly appreciate, a pedicure. A man's pedicure may include a calf and foot massage as rough spots on the feet are rubbed down and soothed away. A male pedicure may include an exfoliation of the lower legs, heels, arches, toes, foot pads, and even the tops of his feet. Men who work on their feet may enjoy a pedicure more than any other spa service.

* Microdermabrasion treatment: A microdermabrasion employs tiny crystals to exfoliate a man's skin, removing fine lines and scars from previous skin problems, including acne. Men who routinely receive microdermabrasion treatment can expect their skin's appearance to continue improving, as the procedure promotes the growth of collage and elastin.

* Massage: Perhaps the most enjoyable service offered to men at many spas is the massage. Spas offer various massage options for men, who should discuss any physical issues they have with spa staff, who should then be able to recommend a massage based on that discussion. Sports massages can address issues or soothe injuries that result from sports and exercise and might even prevent those issues from recurring.

When visiting a spa for the first time, men should know that they don't have to order all of the aforementioned services on the same trip. Many spas allow guests to order services a la carte, which allows men to be more selective and find the services that suit them best.