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Manage teams, clubs and leagues in a digital world

Sports leagues, after-school clubs and other extracurricular activities enjoyed by children and their parents would not be possible without the volunteer efforts of fellow parents and other adults. Very often an entire committee of volunteers gathers to make a sports team or group successful, and much of their work is being done behind the scenes.

Managing a recreational group is no small undertaking. Such an endeavor requires the patience and perseverance of volunteers ready to juggle a variety of tasks. While in the past there may have been few resources to aid in such tasks, today's technology makes it easier to handle the responsibilities that come with managing a team. The vast array of apps available for smartphones, tablets and other devices can alleviate some of the work for recreational group managers. The following are just a handful of applications league managers can consider to coordinate efforts across the board.

* Team Snap: Team Snap is one of the premier team and club management services available ( This software helps anyone, even those with little or no website design experience, run a team, league or other organization online. The team is managed by a team owner who can choose free services or a tiered payment plan depending on the option that owner chooses. Team members are invited to join free, where they can message other players, check calendars and even get text message alerts.

* Team Pages: Having a current and well-designed website can encourage others to be more involved and invested in a particular team or league. However, sometimes getting a website up and running can be challenging, particularly to the novice designer. With Team Pages (, anyone can create a sport- or club-themed website and have it live in a manner of minutes. Drop and drag layout design optionsĀ  makes creating multiple pages even easier, and there is a calendar option for keeping track of games and other meetings.

* Active: Active ( is the leader in online event registrations, from marathons to softball leagues. Visitors can search for various activity-inspired events nearby and learn more about sports leagues for children and adults. In addition, the site features informative articles on nutrition, player improvement tips, medical information, and much more as it pertains to activities.

* League Athletics: This tool ( mixes team website design with league management and registration. It also enables others to follow a team's progress while broadcasting scores and schedules. Custom design options enable flexible and easy layout in a matter of days.

* Scoutlander: Scoutlander ( hosts and manages troops, packs and dens associated with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. The site is free, though voluntary donations are used to further the development of the site. Scout leaders can inform parents of upcoming meetings or events. Separation of public and private areas of a troop's site enable password-protected information to stay private.

* Google Sites: In addition to the scores of other website creation software available at no- or low-cost, Google Sites ( is a component of Google services, including Gmail and Google calendars. All of these Google facets can work together and be linked to a single Google account. This presents a viable way for clubs and teams to not only build impressive websites but also stay connected through email and calendar updates.

Modern technology has developed even more ways to keep sports teams and extracurricular clubs organized. A variety of applications and websites can help any organization look and feel tech-savvy.