Hispanic Heritage

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Innovative programs provide opportunities for Hispanic youth

Since 1987, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation has provided award-winning opportunities to individuals to help shape, inspire and prepare young Hispanics in innovative roles. In addition to a continuum of self-sustainable programs, HHF offer a specialized preparatory course of study and an opportunity to place under-represented, technically-skilled individuals into the workforce.

Leaders On Fast Track, or LOFT, is a component of the LOFT Institute, which helps young Hispanic leaders as they transition from high school to college and graduate school and well into their careers. Through the program, students and young professionals participate in many events, including leadership training and workshops geared around STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), finance, entrepreneurship, public policy, education, entertainment, media and social innovation. LOFT also focuses on addressing issues such as financial literacy, healthy lifestyles, upward mobility, and the importance of building networks.

The goal of the LOFT Institute is to invest in the youngest and fastest-growing segment of the Latino community. It's predicted that by 2050, more than 35 percent of the U.S. population will be of Hispanic descent, and the mission of LOFT is to create an environment where bright individuals will be positioned in key areas of the workforce through adequate training and networking.

In addition, individuals in the program have access to an immense network of current and former students and young professionals between the ages of 16 and 35 to explore shared experiences, seek guidance and gain knowledge.

Early in 2014, LOFT, HHF and Google teamed up to offer free, bilingual "jam sessions" in various school districts.These programs instructed minority youth on how to use computer coding, including HTML and CSS, amid an atmosphere of music and creative fun. Students with the best ideas on how to impact their communities were offered a Google Chromebook.

Hispanic youth are an influential segment of the population. LOFT as well as other organizations geared toward Hispanics are helping to expand opportunities to these students and future leaders. Learn more about LOFT at www.loftinstitute.org.