Giving Back

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Some nonprofits help other charitable entities

Charities are established to meet the ever-growing need of various causes. But where do charities turn when they may need some support and assistance?

Some organizations aim to assist those who are helping others. One such organization is The Giving Back Fund, a national nonprofit that provides consulting and management services to corporations, families, individuals and nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations often turn to the GBF when they are looking to establish a new charity or if they need assistance in meeting their missions.

Like many charitable organizations, GBF relies on private sector donations to support their programs and projects. Supporters can choose to donate to a specific program with which GBF is affiliated, or make a general donation that will be put toward other efforts.

GBF can help a nonprofit organization establish its infrastructure, including its programs and fundraising efforts, and the foundation also has experience in implementing marketing campaigns to raise awareness about charitable issues. But the GBF is not a fundraising organization, and will only help to lay the groundwork for a nonprofit's efforts.

The GBF has worked with a number of organizations that support a variety of causes. In addition to families and independent charitable giving programs, GBF has worked with high-profile athletes and celebrities to connect them with nonprofit organizations that may need a famous face to help kickstart their efforts.

While the GBF accepts financial donations, the organization also needs interns and workers for their Los Angeles-based headquarters. Those interested can learn more at

Individuals looking to help nonprofits can institute their own volunteer policies. Nonprofits often turn to established professionals to volunteer and offer their expertise, as attorneys, advertising professionals and men and women with fundraising experience may be able to pitch in and help a nonprofit organization.

Nonprofits go to great lengths to better their communities, but these organizations sometimes  need a helping hand as well.