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Money Matters

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Coupon tips for deal-seekers

Coupons can help people, and parents in particular, save substantial amounts of money. While television shows have documented the efforts...

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Cutting the costs of home ownership

Owning a home is a dream for many people. But even the most affordable homes can be a considerable expense, which is why many homeowners...

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Recovering from identity theft

The crimes of identity fraud, a situation in which someone's personal information is used to access money, and identity theft have grown...

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How to easily grow your savings

One of the keys to successfully managing money is to save money. Conventional financial wisdom recommends men and women have between three...

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Is bankruptcy your best option?

The decision to file for bankruptcy is never easy. A last resort for people struggling financially, bankruptcy is an option for certain...

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Mistakes to avoid when faced with debt

Many men and women working to reduce their debt feel like they are fighting an uphill battle. Until debt is eliminated, interest will...

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Did you know?

Skimming, sometimes referred to as "card skimming," is a type of financial fraud in which information is illegally copied from the magnetic...

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