Money Matters

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Finding a financial advisor

The financial industry has changed over the last half decade, and middle class men and women looking to grow their money have no doubt...

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Successful ways to stretch retirement savings

Many budding retirees plan to travel, relax and enjoy the company of their spouses when they officially stop working. But such plans only...

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Find the best bank for you

Some people may not give much thought to where they do their banking, but much like no two account holders are the same, no two banks are...

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Factors to consider before selling your home

Selling a home is no small undertaking. It often pays to be patient when putting a property up for sale, but waiting for an acceptable...

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What to look for in an investment property

Historically, the appreciation rate for real estate is very strong. Even when the housing market declines, long-term investors in real...

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Explaining 401(k) fees

Many men and women are aware of the importance of retirement planning, and that awareness leads many to enroll in employer-sponsored 401(k)...

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Did you know?

An individual retirement account, or IRA, is a type of account men and women who meet certain eligibility requirements can open to save...

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