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Money Matters

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Money Management

Make the most of your next shopping trip

With the economy on the rebound, shopping trips are once again becoming an indulgence for men and women alike. Responsible shoppers know to...

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Understand and avoid elder financial fraud

Elder fraud is a financial crime that targets older men and women who are often unable to recognize they are being victimized. Elder...

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How to create your household budget

Establishing a household budget is a great way for men and women to control their money and secure their financial futures. Without a...

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Weigh your options regarding credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards are how many people make their purchases, both big and small. Many people would rather swipe a card at the checkout...

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Protect your sensitive information from hackers

Reports of personal data being stolen from major retailers are on the rise. In September 2014 alone, the public learned of potential...

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Mortgage terms to know

Buying a home is simultaneously exciting and stressful. Owning a home is still a dream for many people, but first-time buyers often find...

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How do couples merge their finances?

Getting married means accepting change and combining two lives into one. After tying the knot, certain decisions and discussions are easier...

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Money-saving tips for working professionals

Working professionals know that going to work every day can be costly. From commuting costs to the expenses necessary to maintain a...

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