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Lawn & Garden Time


How to spot an unhealthy tree

Perhaps because they can live for so many years, trees have a way of falling down homeowners' landscaping priority lists. Trees also tend...

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Find the best method of treating warm weather insects

Homeowners know that the arrival of spring also marks the re-emergence of insects. While not every insect is harmful, if an infestation...

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Ideas for pool perimeter landscaping

With the rise of the "staycation," more and more homeowners are turning their backyards into their own private oases. The centerpiece of...

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Maintaining bird feeders and bird baths essential to avian health

Bird watching is a pastime enjoyed by people of all ages. While many people trek into the woods to see their favorite birds, homeowners can...

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Pruning trees a job best left to the pros

Bountiful, healthy trees can be beautiful to behold and important contributors to a thriving environment. According to American Forests, a...

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Secrets to keeping an organized shed

Despite other intentions, homeowners often turn their garages into storage centers for random, little-used items, leaving little to no room...

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Common lawn critters and pests

Critters and pests can make landscaping afficionados want to pull the hair out of their heads. Such unwanted guests can come along just as...

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