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Lawn & Garden Time


Get your yard ready for the summer ahead with help from the Plant Shed

If your neighborhood is like mine, a lot of talk has been centered on the spring rains that have been a blessing to the North Texas region....

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Garden-inspired decor brightens spaces and mood

Many homeowners take up gardening to transform their homes with beautiful flowers and foliage, while others do so to yield fresh fruits and...

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Seeding and fertilizing schedule

Restoring lawns and gardens back to their pre-winter glory is high on many a homeowner's landscaping to-do list. In much of the country,...

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Amendments can help produce healthy soil

Mother Nature provides plenty to grow healthy lawns, gardens and landscapes. But as many homeowners know, some lawns sometimes need a...

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Transplanting trees no small task

An alluring landscape can make a home that much more enjoyable. Many homeowners devote considerable time to their lawns and gardens, and...

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Break ground with the right tools

The right tools for the job can be the difference between an interminable landscaping project and one that goes smoothly and efficiently....

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Simple sustainable gardening tips

Sustainability is a concept that can be applied to many facets of life, and gardening is no exception. Sustainable gardening involves...

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Did you know?

Biosolids are an organic amendment available to gardeners. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, biosolids are...

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