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Easy ways to start looking younger now

Many young people, and adolescents in particular, desire to look older. But those desires often shift as men and women reach middle age, at...

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The case for early detection

Leading breast cancer research organization and screening advocate Susan G. Komen says  1.7 million new cases of breast cancer were...

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Heart disease a concern for women, too

Heart disease is a condition most often associated with men, but women are just as susceptible to heart disease as their male counterparts....

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Solo women travelers: Stay safe and have fun

Solo travel can be an interesting and unencumbered way to see the world. It also can be a rejuvenating way to get back in touch with...

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Causes of women’s baldness

Baldness is a condition most often associated with men, but plenty of women suffer from hair loss as well. Oftentimes, women suffer with...

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5 health screenings women shouldn’t miss

A nutritious diet and daily exercise can promote long-term health, but preventative care also plays a key role in keeping adults healthy as...

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