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Health & Wellness


Treating weather-related joint pain

Early spring is often marked by wind and rain that precedes the more welcoming warmth synonymous with late spring and summer. Rainy, damp...

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Embrace an active outdoor lifestyle

Blue skies and warm weather entice people to enjoy the great outdoors. For many people, few things are more enjoyable than soaking up some...

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Post-workout pointers to aid recovery

Exercise enthusiasts know that an effective workout does not end with your last rep or final second on the treadmill. What you do upon...

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How to make your exercise routine more eco-friendly

Adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle can promote personal health and benefit the planet at the same time. Many people already living...

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Career opportunities in health and wellness

Health and wellness has grown increasingly popular over the last several decades as more and more people have adopted lifestyles designed...

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Safe and healthy ways to shed those extra pounds

Maintaining a healthy weight is a great way to avoid sickness and disease. According to the Obesity Education Initiative, sponsored by the...

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How to overcome excuses and commit to working out

Staying healthy requires a daily commitment. It is not always easy to get out of bed for those early-morning workouts or jump on the...

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Did you know?

Fitness boot camp classes are growing in popularity at fitness facilities across the country. This type of group physical training, which...

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