Cancer Awareness & Prevention

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Living With Cancer

Coping with the side effects of cancer treatments

Affecting people all around the world, cancer does not discriminate based on gender, age or ethnicity. A cancer diagnosis and subsequent...

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Potential complications of cancer and cancer treatments

A cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event experienced by millions of people across the globe each year. According to the World Health...

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Guide to wigs and head coverings

Cancer patients face various challenges. One of the more difficult side effects of cancer treatment is the probability of hair loss, as...

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Help your body bounce back after cancer treatment

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy can take a toll on patients' bodies. Though the side effects vary depending on...

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Choosing an oncologist

Cancer continues to affect people from all walks of life. The National Cancer Institute says approximately 39.6 percent of men and women...

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Cancer’s effect on sexuality

Fatigue, nausea and emotional symptoms are common side effects of cancer treatments. Cancer can impact all areas of emotional and physical...

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Cancer-related fatalities on the decline

"Cancer" is a word that no person ever wants to hear in his or her lifetime. But millions of people are affected by cancer every year....

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