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Giving Back

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How to contribute to charity when cash flow is low

Charitable giving is a noble gesture that can potentially benefit scores of people. But many people intent on giving must find ways to...

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Give back without going broke

Nonprofit organizations often depend on financial donations to stay afloat. Donations can be used to fulfill a mission statement, pay staff...

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Research important when choosing a charity

Were you nominated to do the ice bucket challenge during the summer of 2014? This fundraiser for ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's...

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Simple strategies for smart giving

Giving to charity is a noble gesture that can improve the lives of people in need. But making a charitable donation is rarely as simple as...

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Did you know?

Organ and tissue donation affords men and women a unique opportunity to help others. Although the laws vary depending on where a person...

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How to give back to veterans

Members of the military serve their country proudly, often sacrificing the luxuries of home and time spent with their families to do so....

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