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Health & Wellness

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Did you know?

A recent study authored by education and psychology experts in Australia suggests that kids are spending far more time looking at screens...

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Health benefits of meditation

Meditation is often trumped as a means to reducing stress and restoring healthy function in the body. While meditation might once have been...

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Natural ways to beat seasonal allergies

The arrival of warmer weather changes the landscape completely. Animals come out of hiding and hibernation while trees and flowers bloom...

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How to build and maintain strong bones

Osteoporosis, a disease that causes bones to become weakened and brittle over time, affects millions of people across the globe. The...

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Treating weather-related joint pain

Early spring is often marked by wind and rain that precedes the more welcoming warmth synonymous with late spring and summer. Rainy, damp...

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Embrace an active outdoor lifestyle

Blue skies and warm weather entice people to enjoy the great outdoors. For many people, few things are more enjoyable than soaking up some...

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